We don’t need another Hero!

I am not sure what my idol, Tina Turner meant when she made this song. But I am gonna use it anyway, to talk about something that is very important to me.

Often I receive hundreds of messages, emails, and phone calls from men that start or end their letter, with ” I just want to make it easier for you” or “I want to be your hero” or “I will do anything for you” or ” Let’s move in together and all will be easier”.

Just write the phrases above, makes my stomach hurts and my eyes fuller.

That is not because I am just a proud person, is just how easy and frustrating it is to be judged daily, as a woman that you are looking for something or someone to make anything easier.

I am sure that there a plenty of ladies, that would be glad about those shinning superficial offers. But when I get these types of things, makes me regret to become a public person, I use to love to act, sex and be famous, just because I enjoyed it, but nowadays is what makes me sad and more and more move further from any human interaction.

Maybe some of you guys believe that this is what I want to hear, but is not.

A thing that I always been proud in my life, is the fact that I am capable of getting what I want, and to be honest, all that I want is none of your business, I don’t feel like I own any of you fans explanations or let you help me by being your little sugar baby.

I am sure that most of the guys have thing about being a “babe caregiver”, it is due to our over 2000 years old brain, I get it! But the times have changed, you guys do not know much about my past, about my family and how I was raised.

So for you just bother me with your rescue or favor that you believe you are doing, you not more than disrespecting my beliefs, my lifestyle and destroying my sense of happiness that I once saw when I became popular.

Now became a burden, to read all the nonsense.

Another reason might be because most of you believe that being a sex worker is something we do because we are desperate, alone or need money to feed some sort of addiction.

I am sure, you hear and read it but your little ignorant ego, do not let you accept and respect that most of the sex workers, do it because we found that be with someone for pure love, is nothing but a waste of our youth, or might be because we need some appreciation that we weren’t getting at home, so why try to be “pure” when anyway we will be beaten, mistreated and unloved?

Also, are some that found on this type of job a way to support their family, which you as father had walked away, or just give them the basic that you thing is enough because you are unhappy on your relationship, but do not have the guts to break it, but drag her and your kids along miserably.

And others, like me that always had the talent to get men, and just decided to add 1+1 and make hundreds of thousands.

Now writing all this, I see that you are not looking to help or save me because you love me, but you like to say it, to see if glue and maybe make yourself feel better like you did something for someone that is in your belief less fortunate than you.

Maybe you should reevaluate your own life, and seek your own Hero before believe that anyone out there does need you in that sense. Otherwise, you are deluding yourself in a relationship that no longer exists, or maybe did only in your head with yourself.

If is there some sex worker that you admire or like, the best way of showing it, is by supporting her on her actual career, future endeavors and make her feel like a normal woman, that you can talk and ask with some care about her day.

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