My love for the forbidden world!

Many of you do not know, but the first country I ever visit in my life was China in 2010.

I had no idea about this place, their people or thier culture in general.

But since I had the dream to travel the world and get this amazing opportunity to work there as “Brazilian dancer” and fashion model, I just couldn’t let it pass.

I grabbed the opportunity and start an adventure on. my own. An adventure to discover China and your secrets.

Here are some of my greatest time in China!

Hope to see you back there,zaijiàn!


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  1. i’m a big fan from china, so it’s really happy to hear that you like my home country. Hope to see you in china, maybe i can be your guide

  2. Hello Luna, as a chinese im surprised and glad to see that you love China, its really rare to find someone in porn industry who is interested by our culture and country.
    Im curious, have you ever dated or had sex with a chinese man ( or asian man in general) ?
    asian men are mostly considered as unattractive by foreign women excepted for those who are fan of TV Drama or k-pop music. Its also such a pity we never see asian men in porn industry except in some Japanese porn but its a niche market and their videos are all censored 🙁

    1. I think people love to stereotype what they are not capable to understand, humans are limited.
      Far as I know I love China and miss it a lot!!!!
      I dated some Chinese guys and had two official bfs. All of them very kind, fun, passionate and sexy!

  3. Hope you will have the opportnity to make a porn shooting with a chinese guy, im sure there is many candidate. Wish there were more people like you in porn industry

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