Moving on!

So my amazing holidays are done, but the biggest accomplishment I had this past month is to move away, from the negativity and bring some new friendship and love to my life.

For the past two years, I was copping with the pity animosity that existed between me and Mr. Pierre Woodman.

We exchange some harsh words and I almost quite my career due the harsh words and accusations that I couldn’t even defend myself of.

But in August, my friend and manager Julia Grandi invited me to her birthday party. I was reluctant at first, since I am a introvert type of person and the anxiety just kick in, during this situations. But I decided to face my fears and go to her party, for my own sake and to celebrate Julia’s life.

When I arrived there, the first person I saw was Ms. Pierre, I smiled at him and all my resentment towards him was gone and he was open to talk to me with kindness and respect.

Blond friend of Julia made my day laughing, Julia Grandi, Pierre And I ( he deserved a kiss in his chick 😘)

We talked about our first meeting and very interesting facts came into light. Such as the fact that he got upset, upon things that I never said, but some “agent” and mean spirited people, told him I’ve said.

Of course I got mad, because I hate lies and people that hurt others because of their anger or jealousy over nothing.

Anyway, I am glad we had this opportunity and for the chance to actually tally to Pierre as adults. It lift a big weight out of my shoulders.

I praise all the good spirits that surround us for this bless. And the universe to give us the opportunity to forgive and be forgiven.

#moveon #forgive

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