Last Place in China

This was a cool discovery, while travel through the Guizhou Province in China.

The place is beautiful, with their many Rice’s plantations and stuff, as well very poor.

It was the first time, I actually saw so many poor people in China. After visit so many places in there.

So I found this little village, where we stayed without room service, hot water and WiFi!

WiFi! Omg that was a hard nine days.

But we survived.

So below is a video of the village of Basha, in Congjiang county, where is the first place where is allowed to Cary firearms.

Besides get a shot from this funny MIAO man, I also tried their famous red rice and party, that I will share soon.

[wpvideo SfAt2zJg ]

Xo and till next time!


  1. It’s good To see you and enjoy this moment… but could you explain, why Spider-Man is at the end of your video, on the stairs??? ?

      1. Peter Parker is everywhere, like you! Travel and save the world ahah! I hope you don’t killed a eagle when you used the shootgun ?? ?

          1. Yes, we can’t have it all…but as you say “ex husband” so now you are free, you can choose all your opportunities, private and professional etcetera.
            It’s most important!
            If I meet you one day, I’ll be careful you’re not armed!!! please don’t shoot me ??

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