I need love

I do not like to share about my private life, beyond Luna. But, sometimes I feel this is the only way to make me feel less anxious about tomorrow.

And I kind “use” you guys as my personal life support as well, because for me most of you became fiends. So I just want to show my gratitude.

Now continuing with what I came here to say…

I do need love!

The last man, I really fell in love with was my ex-husband. And even thou I end up asking for a divorce, after all the psychological bullying that I was under, which also made me become very unhappy towards him,I continued having lots of respect and compassion to him.

We grew apart, after one year of marriage.

And after that I had lots and lots of great sex with different people. But nothing so meaningful.

Of course some touch me in different ways, making me happier and even feel butterflies in my stomach.

But is not love, at least I do not believe it is.

Still I feel that is time to fell in love, with something or someone.

The thing I found, with my projects and work which I love more than my own life 😂.

Now is missing the someone.

How, where and the when…

I have no idea, I just feel that I’m ready to jump into some crazy love romance venture.

Just had to share it…

Thanks for giving some of your time to read and care about my how I’m feeling, today.

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  1. Lovely love letter Luna! When you’re coming to NYC or Miami let me know, or Arrange it- I invite you on an adventure that will unlock this passion

      1. But as another song says: ‘ What is love ?’….
        And the issue is everyone has is own answer… So even when you’re in love… Your other half has in own sweet way… Hopefully we still have sex… Or not 😁😕

  2. I’m quite taken and moved by your story and would like very much to converse with you. You seem to be a very warm and sensitive lady and one very much worth getting to know. I do hope you might give me the same consideration.

  3. If ever in Hampshire UK drop me a line and I will take you for a shake and burger or cook you a roast, I also was unlucky in love.


    1. Thanks. Just a thing I did not say I do not have luck in love, I said that I would like to have it for real, more than just fuck for money due to my latest job.
      I do not believe in luck at all. I believe that if we want something, we make what has to be done to reach it 😉

  4. Love your way of life, I hope one day I will run into you 😀 If you are south Germany we can go out for a drink or something you prefer 🙂

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