I am not a lesbian!

Yeah I can have a weird behavior toward men at times, but I am definitely not a lesbian!

Years ago I had one girlfriend while living in Hong Kong and this is pretty much all. Besides the models that I used to make out with.

After my first job as a stripper in HK, I became tired and disgusted by some of the girls self hygiene and care of the flat we use to share.

It was a generalized laziness around there… from not cleaning the dishes for days to leave their panties full of discharge around the house.

I could not take anymore.

When came to porn I was a bit happier, because normally in the productions are men and women like to show their self as perfect to their mates. So I thought would be a bit better.

And it’s in fact better, but then I begun to see how many of actress just do the girl-girl scenes because of the money and not for the fun.

Most of them would ask to not be kissed or kiss me like I have some problem and it make me think that they either do not like me as person or a black person or a “female person”. Which either are horrible!

Cancel or do not do it at all!

So yeah those are the reasons why I am not a lesbian or a hardcore bisexual. I flow with my sexuality as it goes. But I rather stick with a dick on my personal relationships and just do girls for fun! (Or work).

They lost my interest when they become more careless and disgusting than a men.

P.S.: this is my life experience and choice, it do not apply to all the dancers/ actress I work with. But for a extended number.


  1. I understand When I was over night manager at a Home improvement store like Home Depot we would always use the Ladies bathroom Because it was cleaner than the man’s. But then a Started working as a Manager at Department store and would always Get complaints on how Messy the Ladies Room was.It was Way Messier than the men’s Room . Disgusting.

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