Happy New Year 2020

I know, I know! I am late.

But you all got have to be honest, that you weren’t reading my blog during the past weeks of holidays and festivities. That is because we all got better things to do in life.

Anyhow I am here and I remember you guys, my beloved friends and fans.

On my side 2019, end up in a very turbulent business and family circunstances, that I have not seem it coming. But, I manage to already get back into my balanced life style.

Where I am the only fucking Boss!!!! ahahah

What I want to say here is, no matter where you are today and now, it do not matter where have you been, but it do matter where are you going.

Do you know where are you going or are you letting your life take control of yourself, instead of take control of it?

I am not talking about stupid NY resolution, which the majority of people on the planet forget by the middle of February. I am talking, about know what the Hell you are doing with your life!

We do not have to know the how yet, but if we know what and trust the universe, enjoy the process that is live this beautiful life, we have much more chances to get what we want, than if we just follow the flow.

Comment here, do you know what are do you want out of life or where are you going?


Luna Corazon

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  1. On 2020 I want to see you again to walk and breathe together, and a long blessed massage. I miss you. And wish you a great year where you rule your own world.

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