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Many people still don’t get what I really did for life before being an Adult Movies Actress. So I decide to tell a little bit about my job.
Meaning: I don’t have a rich boyfriend neither came from a super-rich family! 
For some people was hard to guess, cause of some of the pictures I posted on my Facebook or Wechat.
I kinda do travel a lot, party too much and love to eat at nice restaurants very often. But if you checked my oldest post Counting Coins, you will know that I have all planned and a basic schedule for work dates and holidays.


Before 2010, I had an ordinary job and some times has gigs as a model or actress. Then after got tired of trying to make someone else proud, I took part in two auditions one to be part of a Brazilian Show in China and another one in Japan work as a model.
As you can see in the picture above I got the job in China.
Starting as a dancer, where we performed different Brazilians styles and sometimes GoGo dance.
After I  got in contact with a musician and producer, which made me a singer.


Full time: Singer!

  Yes, that’s what I was doing in China. Singing in Pubs, Malls, Parks and even on Tv.
POP and R&B are the types of music more appreciate in China, either in English or Chinese.

  I love to sing!!!
  Modeling was nice too, but for no reason, I just feel is not really my thing.
Dance yeah, I have few skills, took classes but as well isn’t my call.
  I really do love to sing!
That’s because I like to communicate and music allows me to do it and have a lot of joy, besides the money.





I had the links before, but apparently, aren’t working.

At Show bar

Q9 Show

Thanks for let share a bit more about me!

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