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Women Power

No! This is not another Feminism article, that I am pretty sure we are all fed up. I just wanna to say that today, I came to a big realization in my life: My Woman Power. Again No! I Don’t want to say how or what we can do or can not, better or worse …



I am sure that you know the Flamengo, one of the biggest football teams of Brazil. But only if you are a really football fan, you will know another big Brazilian team and one of the most polemic teams also from Brazil – Corinthians or how we call it Timão. Corinthians is the football club …


Venus Berlin 2018

Last year I did my debut on the Adult conferences and expos, with JulModels team. This year I am with another company, but the conferences, the friendships and craziness are the same. In September happened the Xbiz Awards Berlin, for first time in the history. It was more like a test drive event, but still …


Taking time

I love work and be high on stress. That’s my drug stress. My passion is when I have dozens of things to do and projects to complete, but in a very short time. Sometimes, it can be a big problem. Cause I am just one and might lose my cool one day. But few weeks …


Moving Done

The first week of August, I finally manage to move out of Croatia and get my stuff to Hungary. I loved Hungary, from my first visit there in 2016 and every time I say the same, how enchanting is the city. Croatia was fun, but never made me happy live there, I can’t understand the …


Last Place in China

This was a cool discovery, while travel through the Guizhou Province in China. The place is beautiful, with their many Rice’s plantations and stuff, as well very poor. It was the first time, I actually saw so many poor people in China. After visit so many places in there. So I found this little village, …

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