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Paris 2020

Come visit me and get to know me. On my first Meet and Great of 2020. It will be held in Paris, from 1st to 7th of March 2020. Drop me an email or a comment in here, for more details. Please follow and like us:


The 5 worse Escort Clients

*Disclaimer: this post is written based on my own experiences and opinions. If you do not agree, get your own blog!!! In every type of business, we might find something that we really do not like about. Specially when dealing with human relations, which in my case is really more intensa than the simple money …


Moving on!

So my amazing holidays are done, but the biggest accomplishment I had this past month is to move away, from the negativity and bring some new friendship and love to my life. For the past two years, I was copping with the pity animosity that existed between me and Mr. Pierre Woodman. We exchange some …

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Women Power

No! This is not another Feminism article, that I am pretty sure we are all fed up. I just wanna to say that today, I came to a big realization in my life: My Woman Power. Again No! I Don’t want to say how or what we can do or can not, better or worse …


My love for the forbidden world!

Many of you do not know, but the first country I ever visit in my life was China in 2010. I had no idea about this place, their people or thier culture in general. But since I had the dream to travel the world and get this amazing opportunity to work there as “Brazilian dancer” …


Real Life Sex vs. Porn Sex

  Check below my Real Life Sex versus Porn Sex infographic, where I share MY point of view and let me know what do you think about it!!!  Any suggestions on what I could add to it?   Please follow and like us:


New Sex Interview Out! Do not Miss!!!

My latest interview  Ways To Give A Blowjob to SimplySxy is out, have a look, comment and “use” it!  For me, blowjobs are like a warm-up before sex. I take it very seriously and is a bit of a ritual also, where I show what I can do with my tongue which can turn you crazy …


Purchase Here!

Now you can purchase my used Panties and Lingeries all here! Without complication and drama. Just fill the proper information and receive an exclusive video along with my nasty panties for you or someone special that you like to play with! Feel my scent and have a playful time ?   xoxo Luna Corazon   …

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