My “Porn” life

As you might know or at least guess, be a Adult Performer is not so simple. Special for us girls.

I use to have a fix partner who was the one, who showed me that I was capable to be a successful WebCam Model and a Porn Actress after on. So all my support or at least what I thought to be a legit support came from that partner.

I came to learn that is pretty hard, at least for myself to have someone along,while I am doing this type of business. Not everyone, ae ready to be in any type of relationship with an Adult Performer.

Either because of jealousy, or maybe because of the fear on what society would think about them, If people find out that they are hanging with someone “like me”.

I hear all the time from landlord for example, that I should hang with people out of the business, people with same level of education as I. But the think is, she do not know my real job, for her I still a formal fashion Model.

No! I am not ashamed of my job. Is just that she is very religious and have age enough to me my grandmother. I might’ve wrong, but I don’t think she will understand what I do, no matter how hard I try to explain.

While for my mother, which I never had a great relationship, we finally begun to get along and respect each others opitions. What I love the most about my mother, that I come to appreciatte later on in my life, is that she do not ask, she do not want to know.

Maybe she is scared to know the truth, so that way she won’t feel guilty or responsible.

Then come to my sex relationships!!! OHHHHHHH

I suck on relationships! I Learned that I have a thing inside me, that always attract problemática people. Specially guys with some sort of addictions.

28 years old passed, since I came to this dimension, which we live right now and I’ve tried all kind stuff you can imagine, nothing that caught much my attention, to make me addicted.

Some times I am really into party, others into reading, had times that I just don’t wanna to get my house at all. But those were phases, where I did not needed anything to hold my happiness.

But somehow those guys come to me. And I love them anyway. Try to help, even thou I fear to be dragged with them to destruction. But this is not my point here, my point is I can not have a relationship.

At least now!

First I hate lies. Second, when I mention what I do for living, everyone gets aroused and somehow start to believe that I am nimpho or that I would fuck anyone for certain amount of cash.

So that is how I see my porn life, is not that simple.

Is amazing opportunity for me, to use my atinge skills, make people laugh, learn some stuff that it might be hard to them.

But personally, I found hard to live with the truth in a world where everyone likes to hear lies ­čÖü