Sigle and Ready to Mingle

During this years I was always in some sort with relationship, I mean romantic relationship either with a guy or a girl. But now things changed!

Look I got that people like me for my looking and how interest is everyday by myside, with me is guarantee that my partners lives wouldn’t ever, but really ever be boring.

Opposite, I am the one who normally get tirei of everything.

First, I am very confunde about my fellings, I like to many things and at the same time nothing can catch my full interest.

Is just not fun, from one day to another, my crase love can go to “hmmm he/she is not what I want anymore in my life.”

Because of that of course, I have some people that do not like me that much as they did one day, they also get annoyed by this behavior.

Either they think I am just playing with them or that I am seriously crazy. But neither of those.

For me I see, this my ups and downs as a momentanium change of focus. That is because most of the people who get involved with me are looking to have a trophy on their arms, to show off or to keep in a precious place.

And for me I am just with someone, because they either make me laugh very hard or they have lot’s of dream and that turn me on or as well that person is a travel/language freak. Oh we can forget that person, might also be very open mind for sex.

But what happen is they all fill those requirements at firs, maybe to make a good impression on me but, within few days or weeks, they show their really face and I am not so interesting for them.

I become too much to handle, they tell me to slow down, or that trip is not possible, the 5x per day sex makes them to tired and that is how I start to be tired.

Tired of escuses, of the housewife style life, where we need to make appointment to when is the best time for my partner give me a real passional kiss or let me eat them out.

So don’t get in a relationship just because of your ego, tell you to. But get on it for the make of the another person too, now more and more we become untouchable humans, without compassion or empathy, and is it what is destroying us.

We can not just think about ourselves, I am not talking about not lying to impressão someone, I am talking about care about the another person and be genuine to yourself as well.

If not, just fuck and get out. Making things much easier.

Xoxo Luna C.

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