My other side!

Miror Miror

We are all in this world trying to figure out something, most of us actually has no idea of what are we actually trying to find out.

It might be either inside of us or not.

Life can be very complexy sometimes.

For me more old I get, more and more I surprise myself. I always consider myself as dominant person.

Is true that I am control freak, in and out of bed.

That is something that I found very hard to control, is to stop being a FREAK CONTROL.

But you see, become a porn actress is teaching me more about myself, than what I thought aready being known.

After my experience with Legal Porn, I became more confident and strong. But also, I learn to keep trust my guts, more than others. There I learn to listen, digest what I listen and decide by myself to use it or not.

And I am applying this lesson since then, in my personal and profissional life as well.

So the another side that discovered, is that I can be a submissive person during sex.

Last week, I was shooting in Bulgaria  a Extreme Sub Scene, which I wasn’t fully informed about lol.

But when the director explained and instead of reply immediatly, I smile, gave a 2 minutes of silence and self talk and did not made any modification to the original idea.

For my surprise was not a bad feeling, I did not feel less or disrespected. Quite the opposite, I felt again strong and happy. Strong, cause again in my life I was able to adapt and separate my work from my personal life, which is very difficult. And happy, cause I had few nice orgasms and a lot of fun.

It is fun to be Luna Corazon and not just Luna …

Just wanna share it with you guys, because it means a lot for me this chances that I have to become a better person and Adult performer.

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