My Identity


Of the highlights Charts, Rihanna is the personality that I most often seem to change her hair style. So I will take a risk and compare myself to her hahah

At least in this aspect, I believe to be allowed to do so.

That is because just like our fresh Basil here (that is the meaning of Rihanna), I love to change my hair style. Even more than I change my panties – considering that I just wear it upon request.

When living in China, because of the Concerts that I was doing at the bars or different venues, I begun to looking more into what could I do to upgrade my look or delivery a unique show to my fans.

And since I and RiRi, has such a gorgeous bodies, that do not need surgical intervations, only if is really necessary, to be able to change the hair style is like a nose job.

Some people, can easily find something to be done on their body, a little change in here, adding in there. But for me I just can not see a real need for that.

Besides to don’t see a necessity, I feel such a waste of time and money. I do not judge if you like to do it to yourself or others. Opposite I think that those who can once per year, just go to visit a plastic surgeon are Champions.

I went to do that eyebrows thing, years ago and never went back to retouch – shame on me!!!! I can’t hold the pain and lose 2 hours of my life for that.

So to compensate, my need to changes I buy wigs and hair extensions or some hair styling products. And that is it, it makes me feel wild, beautiful, sexy and NEW.

Is always good to renew ourselves, for the make of our own egos and self esteem.


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