Meet me: Luna Croissant…I mean Corazon

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Today we meet ELM’s LunaCorazon,.

How did you get into adult work and how long have you been doing this?

I was a formal model and a Pop Singer in Asia, till I lost practically everything and in a act of desperation searching for a job, accept to be a stripper.
From that my mind opened for new opportunities and to make work my college hours with a job that can provide me a decent income, I begun to camming.
And one thing led to another, from that I was invited by some companies to shoot Adult movies and that is how I got into the adult work. Has been one year and 4 months when all started.

Where does most of your income from adult work come from? (camming, content sales etc..)

Mostly of my income are from Independently camming and Porn movies.

What type of content do you focus on? (solo, fetish, straight sex etc..)?

I can say that I do everything. Since I am very diversify and horny, for me is hard to be only a solo model.
Always have some boys or girls, or both working with me. Either on my Amateur Videos or on my Cam Shows.

What hesitations did you have about getting started with adult work? How did you overcome those hesitations?

About my career. I am a law student and as far I can see is that can be really difficult to become a Judge for example. (laugh)

People are very judgmental and might not understand the reasons that I have to take this road.
I overcome by try to become a better performer. By telling my mom and best friend what I was doing for live, so I could have a whole support system for me to pursue my new career.

How do you promote yourself or build a following?

I usually the great machine, called Social Media where I promote myself by offering free videos, prizes and pictures. Interacting with my fans, supporting and collaborating with another models as well.

It helps a lot.

What’s been the most surprising thing you’ve learned about the adult industry?

That you don’t need to be a full D cup or fuck thousands of guys to be successful and attract attention to you .

I believe that I have a great number of viewers and fans, by staying true to my Afro look, small ass and tits. As well with a limited or better say restrict number of male partners and well defined boundaries.
That was surprise, I thought that I wouldn’t make so far.
What are some of the most important tips for other models looking to get into this type of work?
Be real to who you are, I know that in some point in life we will be scared or desperate facing some money issues. But don’t let it badly extend your boundaries to things that you aren’t happy to do.

What’s the best way to get connected with you?

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