Ignorance and Judgemnt Can Kill you


       We stupid heads humans, so called superiors species are full of paterns that were created on our earlier age, those pattern are mostly based on what our parents or close relative, or by the massive media and environment that we are surrounded.

So here is the situation, I don’t have to explain much about humans. I believe you there had your moments and experienced someone dumb around you – is even offensive for the real dumbies. 

I met this Portuguese man, which to make clear is not my favorite national on the Earth for political and maybe I can even say Religious reasons. He is friend of another family friend.

Anyway, on the past few months we became more closer, thou nothing much happened we were like really good friends. We would flirt with each other sometimes but never pass from it.

He is just to off… in so many ways. 

As always he seems to be a cool guy, understanding, resrpectful and lovely. Till…

We went to a barbecue, he took me I guess more to show off. Since, he was all the time alone, trying to make a conversation with me or someone else, but he is Just not that fun. While, I was literally having a blast.

After the barbecue finished, we stayed with another two friends there drinking and chatting. Since the mood was so great, I decided to move the party up to my apartment, first cause was the closed one and second because out of the another 3 adults, I am the only one who live alone.

So they together hás at least 130 years together, they could be my com or father.

Back at my place,we kept chatting and drinking of course. Till one of the guys snapped and start to be rude to me, cause I answer to the joke he was making about my hair with another joke.

I still not sure of what happened, but the nice guy from the barbecue died and became a jerk. I had to kick him out of my house – this actually something I love to do!!!!

After I and the another girl and the Portuguese guy, got tired, so I arrange a bed to them and went to my bedroom. Minutes later that guy who said that like be with me, even thou we do not have sex, was banging the girl we met at the barbecue on the room next to me.

I was cool. Not my penis, not my property and men are men.

In the morning, he tried to apologize and blame the girl. As “oh, she was there all over me and I was drunk”, small detail HE DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL!!!! ahahhaha

Crazy shit.

I told him, look you are separarem and she is single and I am not mom. So have fun dear.


Weeks passed by. All this talk has died, he tried to spend time with me but I just avoid it the maximum is possible.

I don’t know if it is normal in the male world, but in my world, I do not go to parties fucking people or worse fucking some strange with the guy I say to have a crash on the another room.

It just do not work for me.

So last Saturday, I was exausthed. Being working very hard, so I was in bed and he want to go out for lunch, I said no cause I have fever.

For my shock, he is immediately response was

Sorry Luna, do not want to alarm you. But since is not flu season, you should go see a doctor and get tested. You might have HIV. 

I was like WHAT!!!??? Are you for real? 

He said yes, considering the job that you do and I learned somewhere that fever is the main symptoms.

Oh Gosh I cried my heart out, something I do not share very often is that I have some issues related to depression and in the past few years it turned or don’t know how to explain Panic and /Anxiety attacks. 

Few days before he said it, I had few but I managed to control with lot of praying and breathing exercises, since from the start I just refuse to take any type of drugs for it.

And that day, I felt so hurted and judged by someone I did admire and took as a real friend. We all know that we all have serious trust issues and this is one reason for it.

I learn that unfortunately people around us, pretende-te to accept who we are, our life style and all. But they are just pretending, their lack of knowledge on some field, make them more judgemental and hurtful for others.

Many of you guys, know how I love have sex. I do really enjoy it and I love act as well, so in Porn I feel fulfilled as woman, as a person and I don’t want to lose it.

The best thing about Porn nowadays, are that the companies force you to get tested periodically or you just can not work at all. 

Personally I get tested weekly and in any matter I would get involved with someone out of the industry, not even with a condom. I never trusted condoms.

From my first man in my life,till now pretty much all were without condom, but as well they all were obligated to get tested and visit a doctor regularly. So I know my shit and trust myself.

That is why I am so push with STDs tests, due their silence behavior and people misunderstanding should be given by the government for FREE to everyone in the world.

Guys love to share and hope hear from you too. Leave a comment please and share if you can!!!

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