So this past week, I did something that for a while I being saying that I win’t ever do.

For that my social media, got lots of positive feedbacks and as well many questions, regarding why I did it.

Did What?


Yes! I did on the last Tuesday. Together with my first real anal experience, first anal orgasm and while having it all recorded on câmera for LEGALPORN.COM .

Instead of justify myself to strangers or even close fans and Directors on the social media, I believe that by just writing this post, I can clarify so many things.

If you read my past blog, about Pierre Woodman you might get that I was thinking about have my first backdoor sex on camera.

Just wasn’t sure when, that because I did not have enough confidence to do so.

I am sadistt, that being said, I am pretty good in torture and give physical and mental pain to others. But I suck in take physical pain ahhaha

That was the first reason why I haven’t done it. Many of my exes partners, wanted me to do it, but it did not work.

My last partner went to close to it, but I believe because it was a first time for him, it did not worked. I cried before the tip of the cock was in.

So I just avoid, that terrible feeling. Guess I was traumatized.

But resides a good financial offer, I got a very good agreement on how the scene would be done.

I could pick the actors, the intensity, I took my time and Erick Everhard and Mike Angelo was amazingly kind and gentle to me. They heard me and gave me amazing orgasms

As well before that, I had a huge help of my friend, director and official Agent Stefano. Before the solo scene, he talude to me, explain all what I had to do, to feel comfortable, clean and relaxed.


I just got back to the person I use to be before all the turning events, that happened on the past few months in my life.

Just got to be the curious girl, I used to be. Strong and confident.

I can not live by doing what my fans, friends or coleagues think is good for me.

For me be a porn actress is about break records, personal records, boundaries, stand ou withou fear, make a good living for me and for my family. Not doing porn just for the appereace of Star life or “easy,quick” money.

But to feel more confident and own my life and my choices!

There are more limits to be crossed and I appreciate your support!!!

Xoxo LC

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