A solution or a Problem?

Many of us, simple humans need something to put up our mood. It can be chemicals or so called natural relivers.

Relivers that can help us to cop with the daily stress, physical or mental ache.

It might be incorrect to call mental ache, but some of our family, job oand other situations creates issues in our heads, that nearly causes pain. A mental pain, reflecting as well in physical bodies.

What am I talking about? Why am I talking about it?

Today I gave a Little interview, very personal and asked me about my experience with drugs.

Tho I am very open about most of my private and work wise matters, I do not talk much about drugs at all.

Why? Cause I can come too hard on this topic.

Even thou in my family 99% do not smoke or consume any alcohol. I was exposed to the last one very young and create a certain passion for it.

Smoke I always could not stand.

For heavy or even called light MARY J I saw and heard about it.

I Heard about the consequences that it brought to people very close to me, as Friends or some of my sisters boyfriends. And all that talk, fight and dependence made me annoyed. And public I was I always very disgusted by it.

But I never schooled my friends or brother-in-laws about their bad choices, cause I believe that I as well made few bad choices.

OK So what?

What happened is that all my Set up mind and strong self judgement did not stop from try all that I hate,

By the age of 21, I’ve tried weed, in Shanghai. It was gave me by a group of friends from U.S.A.. I did not felt well, I=since I do not know how to smoke at all, it took me a while to get in there. And when I did, was purê paranoia.

After that, I kept living my fun life and so on called borde and perfect.

When I was 25 years old, living in Hong Kong, by free will I tried cocaínw,for the first time. The fun part of it, was that it did not got me high at all. So I tried more, to see if it gets me happy or cool. But nothing.

I stopped then. Few months late I tried Speed, very common on the Balkans. And no, nothing good came from it. I still do not get who enjoys that shit. It happened that, by some mistake I tried Crystal Math as well. I am not sure if it got me high or if the fear of what I did to my body got me paranoid and up for 7 days.

I admire who owns their shit, cause do or not do drugs, is like anal sex is a fuck personal choice.

No I do not do anything for many years, but I believe that I as well suffer the consequences for not doing so.

For me it was a problem…that had a very easy solution, STOP DO IT.

The number that I know that paid high prices, are too big for me just keep doing so. It was not an issue for me, as my Sex addiction. But it could be come one, if I was not fast and wise enough.



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