VR Porn Interviews #1: Luna Corazon

Image credit: Luna on the Bed

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the very first episode of “VR Porn Interviews”! My name is Eros and, after having reviewed almost 90 VR films involving threesomes and orgies, I’ve decided to learn more about the events taking place behind the camera, the performers’ insights, and the industry’s secrets. Naturally, you get to read all of this information and become acquainted with the thoughts and opinions of VR pornstars.

Furthermore, the series is supposed to strengthen the immersive supremacy of virtual reality porn, build bridges with the stars who delight our eyes, and further build the status of “VR pornstar”. Our sub-branch requires some of its own standards, criteria, and expectations, and we have a responsibility to actively draw the performers into our world. The principle is simple: the more genuine affinity and appreciation we display, the more involved the stars will become and the better and more diverse the products will become as a result.

interviews luna corazon virtualrealpotn vr porn blog virtual realityLuna is a gorgeous lady who loves shooting in VR just for the sake of offering us the best experience possible. The more we get to see of her, the more content she feels about it. Image credit: Newlywed

If we encourage the pornstars and make sure they feel appreciated by our community, then it’s more likely that they will devote their time to produce some of their finest works to date. Just like how complimenting and encouraging a painter can potentially create the next Michelangelo Buonarroti, I strongly believe that it can be the same with pornstars who lay down their passions and emotions on camera.

Furthermore (and I promise that this is the last argument before switching to the interview with Luna), I believe that pornstars are interesting people who really have something to say about their work and their industry and, we, as their admirers, certainly hold a high esteem for them. Correspondingly, we love to know more about them and it helps us understand their work a little better.

Our first guest is the sultry ebony babe of Brazilian origins, Luna Corazon. She has starred in plenty of VR porn films over the past few months and seems to be quite keen on the industry.

Hello, Luna and welcome to “VR Porn Interviews”! Thank you for accepting to be a part of this project, it’s really great to have you here. The format involves 10 questions about the VR industry and your work in it, and you have complete freedom in replying. Fortunately, we’re quite a porn site and censorship is not one of our undertakings. Here’s the first question:

1. When did you first come across the opportunity to shoot in VR porn and which studio contacted you? At the time, did you get to experience the VR technology?

It was in 2016, for VirtualJam. The director was Sasa from Russia and he taught me the basics of VR technology. I did few solos, threesome, and boy-girl scene as well.

interviews luna corazon realjamvr vr porn blog virtual realityImage credit: Luna on the Bed

2. You seem to be quite prolific in starring in VR scenes, with more than 10 of them having been shot in the past year. Is there anything that attracts you towards this immersive field and makes you always come back for more?

I like the opportunity to interact with the viewers, make them be part of the experience as well. Don’t  get me wrong though, I also love the traditional porn style. But it’s just more fun to imagine that the person on the another side can somehow be more connected to me.

3. Did you ever get the chance to watch yourself perform in VR? And if so, how did it feel?

I saw some, but without the special glasses, ahaha. So I cannot really say much about it.

4. You seem to have worked for plenty of VR studios, and I’ve even had the privilege to review VirtualRealPorn‘s “Trap“, where you star alongside Amarna Miller and Katrin Tequila. But do you have a favorite performance of yours?

OMG, Trap was my first threesome in BDSM style that was shot on camera! I was so nervous, I’m glad that you liked it.

My favorite scene was when I played a bride with Potro. We shot it in Barcelona. It was nice to dress as a bride and seek sexual advice from my new neighbors. Would definitely be something I would do in real life if I was virgin and just got married.

interviews luna corazon realjamvr vr porn blog virtual realityLuna starring in a steamy poolside orgy with Lady Dee and Violette Pure. Image credit: Hot Jacuzzi

5. Are there any performers, both male, and females, you enjoyed working with the most?

Pretty much everyone I’ve worked with until now are great people. Respectful and clean inside out, ahaha! I prefer not to give a name, people in this business can take things too personally.

6. Have you ever shot a VR film with a real-life friend and felt like your closer relationship was caught on camera? Do you think that such closeness helps the final product, or is it better to just keep it distant and professional?

I just shot a VR scene with my real life friend Nick Ross. And was amazing, ’cause I love to fuck him and this time he couldn’t move. But our eyes were definitely moving and our bodies have managed to communicate very well. All this magic happened without one word being said.

7. If you could work with anyone from the porn industry in a VR porn of your choice, who would it be and what would the action involve?

I would love to work with Little Miss Rina (Rina Ellis) and some other guy – any man would do it well. I would like it to be a BDSM scene, just harder than the film Trap, with the man being our object, of course! Ahaha!

interviews luna corazon realjamvr vr porn blog virtual realityWell, it turns out that Luna loves BDSM. Image credit: Dating in the Living Room

8. What do you think about VR porn’s ability to cure loneliness, but also combat sexual frustrations that can eventually lead to rape? Did you ever think about yourself as a good medicine for people who need some kind of treatment?

On daily basis, when I do cam shows, I feel that I already am some kind of “holistic therapist”. And with VR, I agree that it can deeply help people to cope with their sexual issues, curiosity, and even some other serious disorders. I don’t believe it can be a treatment, but it can help. That’s one of the biggest reasons to be careful about what we show to our viewers.

People must understand that it’s an act, showing how human desires can be fulfilled. But everyone involved must consent to it. If we don’t do a type of advising to our consumers, it can be more harmful to themselves and the society – when it should actually be very helpful!

interviews luna corazon virtualrealporn vr porn blog virtual realityHere’s Luna in her favorite VR film so far, in which she shares tender moments with Potro de Bilbao. Image credit: Newlywed

9. Do you have any future plans regarding VR films?

I hope to keep shooting it more and more, and I’m especially hoping for more outdoor scenes and longer films. It would be cool if the technology advanced to the point where it could let the person create their own avatar to join in for the fun we’re having on set! This is just my imagination, but maybe that this kind of content already exists. This world is crazy fast.

10. Is there anything that you would like to say to our readers and watchers?

Please, people, have sex ’cause you want to and not ’cause you have to. And don’t forget that sex without protection is the best… and it can get even better when the partners have their STDs tests up to date. Do it!!!!

Many thanks to VRPorn.com and Eros for the amazing interview, if you guys likes it and wanna know more about the Virtual Reality Adult Content and the performers visit:https://vrporn.com/vr-porn-interviews-1-luna-corazon/

My “Porn” life

As you might know or at least guess, be a Adult Performer is not so simple. Special for us girls.

I use to have a fix partner who was the one, who showed me that I was capable to be a successful WebCam Model and a Porn Actress after on. So all my support or at least what I thought to be a legit support came from that partner.

I came to learn that is pretty hard, at least for myself to have someone along,while I am doing this type of business. Not everyone, ae ready to be in any type of relationship with an Adult Performer.

Either because of jealousy, or maybe because of the fear on what society would think about them, If people find out that they are hanging with someone “like me”.

I hear all the time from landlord for example, that I should hang with people out of the business, people with same level of education as I. But the think is, she do not know my real job, for her I still a formal fashion Model.

No! I am not ashamed of my job. Is just that she is very religious and have age enough to me my grandmother. I might’ve wrong, but I don’t think she will understand what I do, no matter how hard I try to explain.

While for my mother, which I never had a great relationship, we finally begun to get along and respect each others opitions. What I love the most about my mother, that I come to appreciatte later on in my life, is that she do not ask, she do not want to know.

Maybe she is scared to know the truth, so that way she won’t feel guilty or responsible.

Then come to my sex relationships!!! OHHHHHHH

I suck on relationships! I Learned that I have a thing inside me, that always attract problemática people. Specially guys with some sort of addictions.

28 years old passed, since I came to this dimension, which we live right now and I’ve tried all kind stuff you can imagine, nothing that caught much my attention, to make me addicted.

Some times I am really into party, others into reading, had times that I just don’t wanna to get my house at all. But those were phases, where I did not needed anything to hold my happiness.

But somehow those guys come to me. And I love them anyway. Try to help, even thou I fear to be dragged with them to destruction. But this is not my point here, my point is I can not have a relationship.

At least now!

First I hate lies. Second, when I mention what I do for living, everyone gets aroused and somehow start to believe that I am nimpho or that I would fuck anyone for certain amount of cash.

So that is how I see my porn life, is not that simple.

Is amazing opportunity for me, to use my atinge skills, make people laugh, learn some stuff that it might be hard to them.

But personally, I found hard to live with the truth in a world where everyone likes to hear lies 🙁